Enjoy the Summer Craze!

Laze Santorini wants summer nights to be special; it wishes to offer unique experiences for locals to briefly escape their day to day and for visitors to take amazing memories of Santorini nightlife back home! Guest DJs take over the decks of Laze and invite us all to dance with the Aegean Sea breeze under the clear starry skies; join the Laze party nights and have the best time of your life, the Laze Santorini way!

Let’s create a night to remember

At Laze, you can rent the entire property, the main restaurant area or the swimming pool area. Whether you plan to host a reception or a party, at Laze Santorini you will find the perfect spot to celebrate all your special moments!

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Summer Weddings with Style

Laze Santorini is one of the best venues to organize a wedding reception or a summer wedding party of any scale. You can rent the entire property or choose the spots that best suit your needs! Our venues offer privacy and flexibility to your personal wedding style as well as the finest tastes by Spicy Bites Catering, an established catering company with more than 10 years of experience on the island.


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